Light up the Night

If you haven’t been by Cypress Canyon Park (also referred to as Gholson Park) lately, then make sure to swing by around sunset to catch the newly installed lighting.

Since it’s the time of year when it gets darker earlier, residents are familiar with how the park quickly becomes pitch black at night. Not only does the darkness dissuade early evening utilization of the park, but the community has also had to deal with petty vandalism of the park’s assets.

The Deer Creek HOA partnered with Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design to beautifully light the entry way, pavilion, and primary pathing through the park. Special consideration was made to ensure the newly added lighting couldn’t be easily vandalized.

The lighting just went in and it’s already getting rave reviews by residents. Don’t take our word for it, enjoy it for yourself, especially once it starts warming up in Spring.

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