Architectural Review Requests

Per our Deer Creek Ranch HOA Master Covenants and Bylaws, all improvements to homes and yards must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee.  This includes pools, roofs, outdoor structures, landscaping, paint colors, playscapes, satellite dishes and more (please review the master covenants for a complete list).

Choose ONE of the following options to submit your request:

1.) The Old Fashioned way:

  • Request an Architectural Review Form from Goodwin & Company (1-855-289-6007 or
  • Gather your property map or plat, contractor designs, property line drawings, photos and other supporting documentation
  • Send all documents in PDF format to    OR
  • Mail to:
    HOA for Deer Creek Ranch, ARC c/o Goodwin & Company
    11950 Jollyville Rd, Austin, TX, 78759

2.) Our “New” Online Form Submission: 

    I (we) request approval from the Deer Creek Ranch HOA, Architectural Review Committee to make the following improvements to my (our) property:

    Please note that there are typically utility and drainage easments running along the sides and rear property lines of the lots in the subdivision. Permanent improvements, such as storage sheds or pools, may not be built within these easements.

    The City of Cedar Park may require a building permit for construction of most improvements (including storage sheds, decks, pools, irrigation systems and more). Please contact the City Inspection Department or verify that your contractor(s) are doing that on your behalf.


    All requests will be reviewed and notifications will be sent, within 30 days.

    On occasion, additional information will be requested via email and your request will not be approved without all of the information required by the Arch. Review Committee.

    If you have not heard back about your request after 30 days, please email and copy

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