2022 Proposed Projects (based on Reserve Study, deferred projects, vendor and board assessment)

  • Replace Quiet Moon playscape ride-on-animals (deferred from 2017)
  • Continue Winter Storm Uri tree removal and some replacements
  • Resurface Basketball Court
  • 5 year maintenance on parking lots
  • Quiet Moon Pool re-plaster and tile (Winter 2022)
  • Reserve Study and Fund analysis

2021 Completed Projects:

  • Crete Fence stone column power washing throughout community
  • Winter Storm Uri pool repairs
  • Winter Storm Uri irrigation repairs
  • Winter Storm Uri dead branch removal
  • Winter Storm Uri plant replacements
  • Winter Storm Uri dead tree removal (pending)
  • Gholson Park vandalism repairs & replacements.

2020 Completed Projects:

  • Gholson Park bench and table replacement for any missing assets
  • Lighting added to Gholson Park
  • Zappa Pool repaint, replace, and repair wooden and metal trim of pool buildings.
  • Implemented COVID restrictions and procedures to safely open pools
  • Quiet Moon parking lot fence repair and repaint.
  • Rambler Valley wall erosion and retaining wall repair
  • Major Irrigation repairs throughout community.
  • Lime Creek entrance enhancements.

2019 Completed Projects:

  • Zappa Pool Re-plaster, Leak detection, and Splash Pad Repair
  • Controller and Primary Pump improved replacements at Zappa Pool
  • Ongoing irrigation repairs and replacements pending Anderson Mill widening and collaboration with the City.
  • Landscaping improvement and replacement of dead/missing vegetation from entry ways and crete fence line.
  • Deer Creek monument darkened lettering and power washing

2018 Completed Projects:

  • Access Control Pool Gate System for QM & Zappa with 1100 key fobs
  • Lighting at Ruins on Marque
  • Pool Pumps and Pool lights replaced w/LED at both Quiet Moon (Primary Pool Pump) & Zappa Pools (Baby Pool Pump)
  • Irrigation Replace/Repair heads, controllers, wiring main and lateral lines
  • Irrigation and Pool plumbing redo all Back flow Assemblies to City Code to prevent fines
  • Crete Fence replacement on over 32 different sections

2017 Completed Projects:

  • Quiet Moon Playscape and Zappa Pool Canopy Replacement
  • Parking Lot Paving (QM & Zappa)
  • Quiet Moon Pool Patio Sundeck Resurfacing
  • Quiet Moon Club house Repaint Roof, Trim and Pergola
  • Zappa Pool Fence Replacement
  • $70,000 Ruins Project – new lighting, landscaping and drip irrigation system
  • Pool 911-Phone replacements
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