Create Fence Repairs Late Sept – Early October (weather permitting)

The DCR Board has contracted with Concretex to replace a large number of Crete fence posts and panels throughout our community.  Since access to our backyards is essential in the work scope, your cooperation and patience will be greatly appreciated.

By 9/19/18, affected households (see map link) will have a notice posted at the property by Concretex; while on site they will also clearly mark the damaged posts and panels.  If you do have any questions or concerns about the process, Concretex’s contact information will be available on the aforementioned notice.  THE DAY PRIOR TO WORK BEGINNING ON YOUR FENCE, Concretex will place another notice on your door; this is to allow you the opportunity make needed arrangements for children, pets, and the securing of property.  Once work has begun on your fence, IF construction does not get completed the same day, temporary fencing will be erected to better secure your property.   Weather permitting, work will commence 9/24/18.

Please be looking in both your mail box, and your email inbox for additional alerts and information.  If you’re having difficulty getting a response from the contractor; or his response has created a concern for you, please email

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

Map link: (it is the contractor’s tentative plan to start north (Lime Creek/Anderson) and work south over the next several weeks toward Zambia.)



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