Community Announcements

Sprinklers are on at Anderson Mill
We received several inquiries about the sprinklers being on and flooding the roadway on Nov. 10th. True Green was on-site on Friday, Nov 9th to apply a fertilizer that contained a fall pre-emergent to help prevent the growth of weeds in the spring. The sprinklers had been previously been turned off to save money on the water usage since the grass has gone dormant during the fall season. The sprinklers were turned back on for the fertilizer to be watered in. A valve on a zone at Anderson Mill and Grand Falls was stuck in the on position and despite turning off the controllers, remained on. Our landscaping company was notified and a technician was dispatched to turn the water lines off to prevent further spillage. A repair will be investigated.

UPS POD Holiday announcement
This holiday season UPS will set up a POD at the Quiet Moon parking lot and deliver packages throughout the day into the neighborhood via golf cart. This reduces their truck traffic through the neighborhood when children are out of school and family members are visiting. The POD will be placed at the far opposite end of the parking lot from the park, basketball court, and mailbox pickup area.

If the attendant is there, you will be able to pick up your packages from them. They are not equipped or trained to accept outbound shipments so please proceed as you normally would for those packages. Oversized shipments will still require truck delivery directly to your home.

Holiday Lights in the neighborhood
We are scheduled to have holiday lights and decorations installed throughout the neighborhood in mid-November. We hope that you enjoy the holiday decor.



Tired of writing checks or remembering to pay your semi-annual HOA dues?  Never fear, Auto Pay is here!   

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click My Pay Dues in the top right corner of our HOA website (
  2. Use your Ciranet credentials to log in.  Don’t have a log in?  You can find your homeowner account number on the most recent HOA dues statement “Rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” and create a new account log-in or click forgot password.
  3. Once logged in, use the left side menu and select “Setup Recurring Payments”
  4. Follow the instructions and pay close attention to the payment date as you may have to make a one-time payment for the current amount due and then your ACH recurring payment will be effective for future payments.  You can even choose what types of payments are made with your ACH setup (ie: dues, other balances or all types)
  5. Check your account balance in early July to ensure your one-time or automatic payments were applied successfully.

** This does not impact homeowners who have already setup ACH/autopay.  Your payments are still set to process as usual **

Email with any questions about your dues, the ACH auto pay process or other issues with Ciranet.


Deer Creek Ranch

Welcome! Our community is located in beautiful Cedar Park, Texas and is comprised of the neighborhoods of Deer Creek Ranch, Cypress Canyon Preserve, and Cypress Canyon Vistas. This website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both current & future residents. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

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Anderson Mill Expansion

The City of Cedar Park has allocated bond monies for the expansion of Anderson Mill from Zeppelin to Cypress Creek. This will expand the roadway from two lanes to four. The medians will remain and the widening is roughly 6 – 8′ from the current white line.

Below is information on the project. Check back to this page for additional details and updates.

Community Pool Information

Here is some helpful information.

1) Quiet Moon Pool Hours, 365 days/year, 9am – 9pm, lifeguards are employed in the summer season. Early hours adult swim available. The pool is not heated.

2) Zappa Pool Hours, May – Sep, 9am – 8pm, lifeguards are employed in the summer.

We installed a new key fob system in 2018 and older ones will not work.

Eligibility requirements to obtain a key fob for residents:

  • your HOA account/dues must be current and in good standing
  • you must be listed as the homeowner(s) OR have a note from your landlord
  • you must sign the 2018 Pool Key Waiver

Pool Key Distribution:  

Pool keys (one free per household) were distributed or mailed to homeowners in good standing. You may click this link to fill out and upload the pool waiver.  Once you submit the waiver it may take up to five business days for your new key to become active.

If you are a new Deer Creek Resident after 8/1/18, welcome!  Your closing documents will be sent to our property management company and you can request a pool key from them once your account is set up.

A few reminders:
No 3rd party Swim Lessons (due to liability/insurance issues), No Alcohol, No Pets, No Loud Music. If you experience an emergency at the pools, please call 911.   Each pool has a call box with a phone that dials 911 directly. 

For non-life-threatening or facilities issues, please notify and/or click the Contact Us form on the website.  

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